Why we are not a typical recruitment agency?

We are professional team of researchers and recruiters who know the world of programming not only through the stories of candidates.
Since 2010 we have worked with development teams in which we have continually created process after process.
Looking for developers for a limited time, to make certain the last feature is on time, is not a problem for us.
We have run projects and built relations with both product owners and project/product managers. We form our teams looking for the right skills and competences.
Our mission is to create a free and transparent recruitment culture in which relationships are important. That is why we want to build well-coordinated groups of professionals who all pull in the same direction.

During the day, we do not count the amount od palo santo yerba, magnesium and lecithin consumed.
Our everyday lifehacking, battles fought in WoT create an unusual atmosphere of the IT recruiter team.

We work in scrum processes. We foucus on improvement, solve problems, we plan.

That need complement competences in development teams.


Todoist, omnifocus, hour rate, pomodoro, tomato timer.


Join us – for developers

Hire us – for software houses